Trading Pins: Baseball Edition

Before the rise of baseball pins, the players and fans of the sport use trade baseball cards with each other. But baseball trading cards are too big to carry so it is more convenient to just trade baseball pins. The act of trading pins for different sports has always been a great way for players to become even more involved and be committed to their sport.

The act of trading pins is usually done at the start of the baseball tournaments. Aside from trading the pins to other players and fans, those who own baseball pins often wear and display their pins on their hats, lanyards, or other clothing items to show off their collection of trading pins. One of the reasons why players and fans showing off their baseball trading pin collection is that is has become a great way to meet new people and to be able to trade more pins. These pins have also become a symbol for team and individual achievements in different sports.


Each and every team has their own pins which contains their unique team logo. The logo is designed to let the teams have their distinction from other teams and for fans to recognize their favorite teams. The pins could also tell a story about your team, may it be the number of championships you won, number of home runs your team made, or your team’s motto. The more successful the team is, the higher the value of the trading pins. The champion team may demand 2-3 pins from those teams who are in the lower part of the standings. Trading pins are really a must in team sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, softball, swimming and hockey.

Before buying baseball pins, you must always remember to pick a unique design which stands out.

The more unique your trading pin is, the higher the chance that other fans will trade it with theirs. Trading pins are made out of metal and are the backside of the baseball pins are usually military clasp back or rubber clasp back and the usual size ranges from 1.75” to 2”. Usually, players bring around 20-30 pieces of trading pieces during the trading ceremony of the tournament. Baseball trading pins are usually ordered at the start of the baseball season. The seasons are usually the divisional or regional championships and the World Series. For the whole duration of the tournament, it is expected that players should have at least 35 to 50 trading pins.

There are 4 types of trading pins:

the cloisonne soft enamel trading pins, offset digital trading pins, photo etched trading pins, and the stock trading pins. The most popular type of trading pins are the cloissone soft enamel trading pins because it is of the highest quality. The offset digital trading pins are used for pins which needs fine lines and to enhance the details in a specific color. This is also used if you want your pin to copy your company log, painting or picture. The design is first printed into a brass pin and then they apply a clear protective coating so that the image will not be destroyed. The photo etched trading pins are sought as an alternative because it has an affordable price without letting the quality suffer. The stock trading pins are the perfect pins for those who want their pins immediately. These are pins which are already made by the manufacturer and are ready for shipping. The only downside of this pin is that it does not have your personal design but it is assured that the pins are attractive and of high quality.